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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

It is year 2020.

The world has turned the page.

The past has passed, and the "now" has been given as present.

NEWMA was founded in April but we are all Marching forward.

We, as a collective.

We as MA.

Connecting talent to projects, and projects to new creative executions.

We are talented. We are creative. We are NEW.

In Stoic philosophy, pneuma is the concept of the "breath of life," a mixture of the elements air (in motion) and fire (as warmth). For the Stoics, pneuma is the active, generative principle that organizes both the individual and the cosmos. In its highest form, pneuma constitutes the human soul (psychê), which is a fragment of the pneuma that is the soul of the universe.

  1. A NEW Breath of spiritual wisdom.

  2. Breath of analytical curiosity.

  3. Breath of sudden serendipity.

  4. Breath of holistic sense-making.

  5. Breath of creative bravery.

  6. Breath of qualitative insights.

  7. Breath of quantifiable results.

  8. Breath from a body that is MA.

Come take a seat. I warn you. We will require you to offer your soul.

For now,


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